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Capturing candid photos

Let’s be honest, not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera. Some of us are self-conscious or worried about how our smile is going to look. Do we look like we’re forcing a smile? Where do I put my hands? Do I put my hand on my hip? Where do I look? Does my hair look ok? Do I have anything in my teeth? Let’s go back to the drawing board and start with the basics before you have professional photos taken. Here are 4 tips for capturing candid photos.

1) Make each other laugh

I can’t stress this enough! Imagine your most genuine smile…it’s more than likely when you’re laughing or smiling because you’re laughing. If you’re having family photos, engagement photos, wedding photos, or any photos at all taken, focus on laughter. Laughing with those who you’re having your photo taken with will help you relax, feel comfortable, and happy in the process.

2) Kiss

Love is often shown through physical touch. Many people have the love language of physical touch. When you’re having photos taken with your significant other, whether it be your wife, husband, fiancé, girlfriend, boyfriend, or other family, don’t be afraid of showing physical affection. Holding hands is a no-brainer, but a little kiss here and there is even better.

3) Tickle each other

This is a great way to get your kids to laugh and interact with each other. During family photos, I will usually get some photos of the whole family together and then pull the kids aside for some photos of them without their parents. This is fun because I’ll ask them to tickle each other or tell each other a funny joke to get them laughing while capturing candid photos.

4) Walk

Walking photos end up being some of my favorites. It sounds silly and simple, but there is something about people holding hands and walking side by side that feels candid, effortless, and happy

Now you have 4 quick and easy tips for how to capture candid moments in your photos and feel more comfortable in front of the camera. After all, you’re investing in professional photos for a reason and you want them to be photos you look back at and feel joy.


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