Fall family photos in Oak Ridge, NC

Fall foliage is in full swing here in North Carolina, and it is also the time of year for fall family photos in Oak Ridge, NC. Take a peek at these fall family photos we took on this gorgeous North Carolina fall day. 

Fall family photos in Summerfield NC

We could not have asked for a more perfect fall day while taking these fall family photos in Oak Ridge, NC. The Simpson family has annual family photos taken and they are always super important for them. The kids are growing at the speed of light and it is always worth capturing photos of them as often as possible. 

Fall family photos in Summerfield NC

Fall is the ideal time for family photos in North Carolina. The fall colors are beaming off the trees and the North Carolina fall weather is always a treat to enjoy. 

When Whitney shared with me the aesthetic and color scheme of their family outfits, I immediately knew where we would go to take their fall family photos. This spot in Oak Ridge was exactly what Whitney wanted. As soon as we arrived, she was thrilled with the location. 

Fall family photos in Summerfield NC

One tip when it comes to planning for fall family photos in North Carolina, is to think about the location as being somewhere fun for the kids. Kids LOVE to explore and run around. Take that into consideration when thinking about the location for your fall family photos. This field was perfect for their little explorer minds to observe and play in the most natural way. Blake and Reid had so much fun running around, and it always helps to capture those candid moments as they are being their natural selves. 

Fall family photos in Summerfield NC

Whitney did a fantastic job preparing her kids for their fall family photos. She had a bag of treats and candy for them waiting in the car after we were done taking their family photos. Because Blake and Reid did so well during the entire time we spent together taking their family photos, they were rewarded at the end of the shoot with candy and treats. 

Fall family photos in Summerfield NC

When planning for fall and holiday family photos, think ahead. Consider the time it takes for photographers to edit your photos. Depending on the photographer, sometimes it can take up to a month to get your photos back. My typical turnaround time for family photos is 1-2 weeks. You also want to keep in mind ordering holiday cards and how long it takes to get those. Then, the time it takes to address and postmark them all. This is why I encourage families to plan ahead and book family photos ASAP before time slips away!

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