Family Photography in Greensboro NC

Specializing in family photography in Greensboro NC, and surrounding areas, has given me the opportunity to share some tips and tricks I’ve learned to make your life easier. Mention “family photos” to your partner and kids and they’ll more than likely cringe and complain about it – instantly. Want this process to go smoothly? I got you – keep reading!

Family photos at home in GSO

When planning for family photos it can feel overwhelming. Thinking about picking out outfits for everyone and wrangling the kids for photos does not sound like a fun time for many people. However, I’ve worked with numerous families, with children of all ages, and here’s a list of helpful tips to make photos with children easier. You can’t control everything your kids do, but these tips will help you to prepare and feel confident. 

Family photography Greensboro NC

Speaking of picking out outfits for family photos, planning ahead for what everyone in the family is going to wear in your family photos will save you a major headache on the day of your photos. I’ve put together some ideas that will help you get the ball rolling on gathering the perfect outfits for family photos. 

Helpful tips to make photoshoots with children easier

And if you’re worried about how everyone is going to act when you’re having photos taken, here are some helpful ideas we can use in order to capture candid photos of everyone. Feeling too stiff or posed doesn’t help to make your pictures look authentic and natural, and I like to focus on bringing out natural interactions between everyone and make sure we’re all having a good time while taking these photos!

Family photos in Summerfield, NC with Brooke Grogan Photography.

Preparing kids for family photos can make a huge difference during your family photo session. As a parent myself, I know it can be a challenge wrangling the whole family and getting everyone to smile for the camera. Let’s be real, kids are unpredictable, but they like to know what is going on and why. 

Helpful tips to make photoshoots with children easier

Last but not least, if you’re wondering where in the world you will have your family photos taken, look no further! I’ve taken family photos in various places around North Carolina. Here is a list to give you more information and examples of locations you can choose from for family photos. Sometimes the best locations are right in your backyard, or around the corner in your neighborhood though!

Family photos by Brooke Grogan Photography in North Carolina.

For myself, looking back as a parent to an almost three-year-old now, it’s hard to imagine how the time has passed so quickly. The many milestones your children experience are certainly worth capturing. You’ll look back on these photos fondly with your family and smile because they make you feel something…joy. 

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