Family Photos at Fearrington Village

This was my first time taking family photos at Fearrington Village. We had such a great time walking around the Fearrington Village area with the Blue Family!

Fearrington Village family photos

This is the start of the busy season when it comes to family photos. With the holidays right around the corner, the early part of fall in North Carolina is a gorgeous time of year to plan for family photos. 

Fearrington Village family photos

When planning for fall and holiday family photos, think ahead. Consider the time it takes for photographers to edit your photos. Depending on the photographer, sometimes it can take up to a month to get your photos back. My typical turnaround time for family photos is 1-2 weeks. You also want to keep in mind ordering holiday cards and how long it takes to get those. Then, the time it takes to address and postmark them all. This is why I encourage families to plan ahead and book family photos ASAP before time slips away!

The Blue Family chose to have their family photos taken at Fearrington Village. Fearrington Village is located just south of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Fearrington Village is the home of the well-known Fearrington House Inn and Restaurant. There are also some quaint shops to visit while you’re there. There is also a residential part of Fearrington Village that is home to southern charm and beautiful views. 

Fearrington Village family photos

The story of Fearrington is the story of an historic farm, the families who lived on it, and one couple who reimagined it. This couple, R.B. and Jenny Fitch, created a village that offers warm personality and a new definition of hospitality, lifestyle and beauty set in the countryside just south of Chapel Hill, NC.

Fearrington Village family photos

Today the farm continues to be an important part of our business. Hay from our fields feeds our farm animals and the pastures provide a home for them. An herb and vegetable garden managed by our chefs and gardeners provide fresh herbs, vegetables and garnishes for dishes at The Fearrington House Restaurant. We supplement our gardens with fresh bounty from local farmers and farmer’s markets.

Fearrington Village family photos

Whether you’re in Raleigh or Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Fearrington Village is a fun spot to visit in the heart of North Carolina. After these photos were taken, the Blue Family popped into McIntyre’s Books and let their girls look around for something fun!

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