Golden hour maternity photos in Summerfield, NC

Believe it or not, this was my first ever golden hour maternity photo session! We decided to take these golden hour maternity photos at Doggettville Farm in Summerfield, NC.


If you’re wondering “what is golden hour anyway?” I’ll go into more detail – keep reading.

What is golden hour?

Golden hour is the time of day when the sun is just rising or setting. It’s usually ideal to take photos within 30 minutes of the sun rising or setting. The time will be different every day, but you can find out when sunrise and sunset are by looking at a resource like this one.

Tori had a specific vision in mind when we were planning for these golden hour maternity photos. She knew she wanted to plan to have her maternity photos taken during golden hour and she wanted an open field that would provide a beautiful setting for her maternity photos in Summerfield, NC. 

When we arrived at Doggettville Farm in Summerfield, NC she immediately said to me, “Brooke, this is exactly what I had in mind!” and I was THRILLED to hear her say that! It’s always important to communicate effectively with your photographer before your maternity photos so we are on the same page and I understand exactly what you hope to achieve from your maternity photos.

It’s also a good idea to plan your outfits, hair, and makeup prior to your maternity photo session. Tori opted to have her hair done professionally, and the style she chose was really complimentary of her already natural beauty. Her dark hair popped on the backdrops we used and the deep emerald green dress she chose to wear went perfect with the setting.

If you’re wondering when you should plan to have your maternity photos taken I have another blog post that goes into more detail about that here.


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