How to prepare for newborn photos

Here are 5 tips for your newborn photos.


1) Make sure baby is fed

Aren’t we all a little happier when we aren’t hungry (or hangry)? It’s always a good idea to feed the baby right before the session. They tend to be happier and more relaxed when they’ve just been fed. Capturing some photos while the baby is sleeping is also easier when they have a full tummy.

2) Dress baby comfortably

Avoid the super busy and complicated outfits. Keep it simple, make sure the outfits you’ve picked out are comfortable. One of my personal favorites is a simple white or neutral colors onesie. It’s even cuter when the baby is showing off all those precious leg rolls too!

3) Make sure you have a space ready with lots of natural light (preferably the nursery)

This is key. Working with natural light is always my preference, as opposed to artificial light. If the nursery has a window with lots of light coming in, that will be where we focus. No worries if not, we will find another spot in your home with natural light coming in. 

4) Have a few props or meaningful items ready to incorporate in some of the photos

This could be a special book, a stuffed animal, or a letter board with a cute saying on it. 

Oftentimes, before you come home from the hospital, the hospital will get baby’s footprints to give to you before you leave. Something like that is great to take a photo of. 

5) Don’t worry about how baby will act during the session

Parents seem to always be worried about the baby being too fussy or upset during the photos. Don’t worry, I get it! I’m a parent myself and I know how it is. I always dedicate a little extra time for these newborn sessions to allow for a feeding or diaper change, or even an outfit change. Babies are a lot of work, and we work on their time!


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