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Expecting mothers and families are one of my favorite things to photograph. The tender time before you welcome your little one into this brand new world is special and always worth documenting. For many of my maternity clients, this is their first baby. I remember those early feelings you have mixed with an endless amount of emotions when you’re able to give birth to your baby. 

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Whether you just found out you are pregnant or you are six months along, it’s never too early or too late to think about maternity photos. Think about it, some of us are only pregnant once in our entire life. For nine months of our life, we are pregnant. When you look back on your pregnancy, will you remember everything? Will you remember how you looked and felt? One way to preserve those feelings is by having maternity photos taken. 

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Believe it or not, I did not have maternity photos taken of myself when I was pregnant with my son Leo. Do I wish I had? Yes. I will give myself some credit though because I took so many selfies throughout my pregnancy – sorry, not sorry. 

Not everyone loves being pregnant, and that’s OK. Some people feel like they are a stranger in their own bodies. All those feelings are valid. It’s a WILD experience being pregnant and growing a legit HUMAN inside of you. 

One thing I do know from my personal experience and from photographing so many pregnant women is that EVERY pregnant woman is beautiful. Don’t forget that. Whether you feel like yourself or not, you are an amazing and beautiful woman. Period. For this reason, I believe documenting your pregnancy journey with maternity photos is worth it. 

maternity pictures in greensboro nc

The number one question I get from expecting mothers is, “when do you take maternity photos?”…and the answer is around 34 weeks

My suggestion to all my maternity clients is to target having your maternity photos taken around 34 weeks into your pregnancy. Of course, it is 100% up to you when you want to have your photos taken. Based on my professional photography experience working with maternity clients, that 34-week mark in your pregnancy is the “sweet spot”. This is when you’re showing, you aren’t waddling around *quite* yet, and you are getting closer and closer to your baby’s arrival. 

Another question I get most often is, “when do I book my maternity photos?

Answer: ASAP!

Once you progress from trimester to trimester, time starts to feel like it is going by so slow yet so fast at the same time – I’m not joking. One day you’re making your baby registry, opening gifts at your baby shower, and then the next thing you know, you’re holding your baby! With that said, go ahead and schedule your maternity photos for around the 34-week mark of your pregnancy. 

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Time flies by SO FAST when you are a parent, and before you know it your kids aren’t babies anymore (sad face). The maternity + year one experience I offer allows families to let me do all the work for them and not worry about taking enough pictures along the way as their children grow. The progression of your pregnancy through year one is a beautiful way to capture the beginning of your journey through parenthood.

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