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Newborn photo posing guide

Do you struggle with trying to achieve lifestyle newborn poses during your newborn photo sessions? I’ve created a go-to guide to keep in your back pocket during your newborn photo sessions. 

FREE lifestyle newborn photography posing guide. Brooke Grogan Photography.

Here’s the guide I’ve created with 10 easy-to-achieve, effortless and natural poses to help you capture stunning lifestyle newborn photos. Download your own copy at this link: click here.

If you’re like me, your mind goes completely blank when you’re working with clients and all of the sudden you forget what poses you want to try and how to achieve them. With this FREE lifestyle newborn photo posing guide, you’ll have 10 lifestyle newborn poses you’ll end up using at every newborn photo session. 

Bundled newborn photo

Fellow photographers, do you wish you could walk into a clients home with confidence in knowing you’re going to nail their newborn session no matter what the clients home is like? Do you struggle with knowing what tools you need in order to achieve those stunning lifestyle newborn photos for your clients and your portfolio? Are you afraid of knowing where to get started? Do you know you have the passion for capturing memorable newborn photos for your clients that have them spreading the word about your photography to all their friends and family? Are you overwhelmed trying to find all the right answers with countless hours spent watching YouTube and TikTok videos that you don’t know where to start or what to do next? 

Are you frustrated with how to get started or pivot towards lifestyle newborn photography? Are you jumping through hoops trying to replicate what you see other photographers doing and hoping to achieve the same results? Do you compare your work to other photographers and wonder how they do it? 

big brother newborn photo

Let’s pump the brakes and get to the heart of lifestyle newborn photography. These proven, to-the-point, tested methods to achieve impactful lifestyle newborn photos with ease are going to change the way you take newborn photos from here on out! Let’s focus on the basics so you can hit the ground running!

I’ve created this helpful lifestyle newborn photography course Bundled Newborn 101 to help you kick off your lifestyle newborn photography business. In the course you will learn the insider tips and tricks for achieving truly stunning lifestyle newborn photos with ease. Bundled Newborn 101 is here to push your inner passion for lifestyle newborn photography to new heights!

Are you FINALLY ready to achieve those lifestyle newborn photos you dream of? GREAT – then let’s dive in! I can’t wait to see you inside! Click here to learn more here!


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