North Carolina Newborn Photographer

Looking for a North Carolina newborn photographer? Look no further! With experience photographing more than 50 newborn babies, I’d love to capture newborn memories for you and your family!

North Carolina Newborn Photographer. Brooke Grogan Photography.

Congratulations! You just had a baby, or, you have a baby on the way – how exciting! Your mind may be swirling with long to-do lists before the baby arrives, or, you may be wrestling with post-partum. Whatever your situation may be, I’m here for you. As a mother myself, I understand the whirlwind that is parenthood. Each day is different and most of the time you feel like you are flying by the seat of your pants – let’s be real!

The question I get most often is, “when do you take newborn photos?”. What I tell people is the ideal time for newborn photos is within 5-12 days of the date of birth. This allows us to capture the very, very early newborn moments. As you will notice, or you may already know if you have other children, is that children grow at lightning speed! You will look back at newborn photos and realize that time is a thief. 

North Carolina Newborn Photographer. Brooke Grogan Photography.

At-home newborn photos offer a casual, natural, and authentic look to your newborn pictures. I like to take a more natural and effortless approach to the newborn photos I capture, and being at home with a family is where they feel most comfortable and at ease. If you aren’t prepared to have newborn photos taken at home, that’s OK too! There are other options we can choose from when planning for newborn photos. 

When preparing for newborn photos, I always encourage my clients to have a few outfits picked out for the baby that coordinate with what they are wearing. Newborn clothes are the cutest, so make sure you have something special picked out for your little one to wear. And, just in case, have a few backup outfits ready in case there is a messy diaper or spit-up. 

North Carolina Newborn Photographer. Brooke Grogan Photography.

After having worked with numerous newborn clients, there are several tips and tricks to help things go smoothly during your session. You never want to feel rushed or anxious during your baby’s newborn photos, so I recommend taking these tips into account before your at-home newborn session. 

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in North Carolina, I’d love to chat with you! Reach out to me today by clicking here.



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