Outdoor Family Pictures in Browns Summit

Take a look at these outdoor family pictures in Browns Summit this past weekend! Spring is in the air and what better time to have some updated family photos taken than this spring?!

We started this documentation of maternity + year one with this sweet family when Hannah was pregnant with Emma. The progression of pregnancy through year one is a beautiful way to capture the beginning of your journey through parenthood. Time flies by SO FAST when you are a parent, and before you know it your kids aren’t babies anymore (sad face). The maternity + year one experience allows families to let me do all the work for them and not worry about taking enough pictures along the way as their children grow. 

Family photos in Browns Summit NC

We decided to take these golden hour family photos at Hannah’s family farm in Browns Summit, NC. The property is made up of sprawling acreage with a small pond, open fields, and old farmhouses. 

Family photos in Browns Summit NC

The maxi dress Hannah chose to wear in these golden hour family photos is from Amazon. It was lightweight, comfortable, and brought all the boho vibes to these spring family photos. 

Looking back as a parent to an almost three-year-old now, it’s hard to imagine how the time has passed so quickly. The many milestones your children experience are certainly worth capturing. You’ll look back on these photos fondly with your family and smile because they make you feel something…joy. 

Family photos in Browns Summit NC

If you’re afraid to plan for family photos because you’re worried about how your children will act, I’ve got you covered!

Let’s dive into some helpful tips to make photoshoots with children easier. Wrangling small children for family photos is no small task. Kids are essentially like puppies that like to run all over the place and roll in the grass at any given moment. Don’t be discouraged, here are five proven tips to help you get the best pictures with your family. 

Tip #1: Plan your outfit first and build on it

Pick out your outfit first and then pick what everyone else is going to wear. This makes the planning process of picking out what everyone is going to wear much easier. Here are some things to pay attention to when picking out what to wear in photos:

  • Avoid loud prints and colors
  • Don’t wear anything with logos
  • Stick with classic colors and patterns that aren’t distracting
  • Pair complementary colors with one another
  • Neutrals are always a good choice
  • Incorporate textures when you can (think sweaters, lace, layers)

Tip #2: Be strategic about timing

As a photographer and a mother, I am aware of routines and schedules that need to be adhered to. Nap times, snack times, feeding times, etc. are all important things to consider when planning for family photos. It’s usually best to plan to have photos taken when the kids are fed, rested, and ready for an outing. You can’t expect children to be 100% picture-perfect when having their photos taken, but if you want to better your chances of avoiding a total meltdown, pay close attention to timing. 

Tip #3: Encourage candid fun moments 

Don’t be afraid of kids running around and wanting to play during your photo session. This is when you can get the most fun and candid photos as a family. Some of the most natural and joyful photos come from the kids running and playing around with each other. 

Tip #4: Let kids be themselves

This ties in with the last tip. Don’t force your kids to look prim and proper in their photos – let them be themselves. If they want to pose a certain kind of way, we can let them do that. The kids will be happier and more cooperative if you work with them and let them be themselves in the process. 

Tip #5: Encourage kids with a treat afterward

Ice cream anyone? It’s usually a good idea to promise some sort of treat after your photos. Not everyone loves to have their picture taken, and it can be a lot for kids to cooperate sometimes. Try promising them their favorite treat, snack, or activity after the photo session if they’ve been on their best behavior. A trip to the park, a walk around Target, grabbing an ice cream cone with the family, whatever it is, will likely help and give your kids something to look forward to after we’re done with the photos. 

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