Pinetop Greenhouse in Greensboro

Call off the search! The perfect greenhouse exists and it’s right here in Greensboro, NC! All your garden dreams have come true (or at least mine have)!

Pinetop Greenhouse in Greensboro NC

Pinetop Greenhouse is centrally located in Greensboro North Carolina. This handcrafted DIY greenhouse is full of garden charm, eclectic flair, and botanical treasures.

Pinetop Greenhouse in Greensboro NC

What started as a hobby has turned into a full-blown project. Jamie had the bright idea to build this custom greenhouse in their new backyard. She and her husband moved into their home two years ago. Jamie told me that their backyard was covered in English Ivy all the way up to their knees when they bought the house! Can you believe that?! 

Pinetop Greenhouse in Greensboro NC

With her own touch of flair and keen eye for design, Jamie created this charming backyard greenhouse. Incorporating repurposed old windows, doors, and other building elements, this DIY backyard greenhouse left me wanting one for myself!

Pinetop Greenhouse in Greensboro NC

When my clients saw me sharing sneak peeks of this greenhouse on my Instagram stories, they asked if we could take their soon-to-be one-year-old’s photos there, and I immediately said, “YES”! 

Pinetop Greenhouse in Greensboro NC

We started photographing Eleanor when she was first born. Her newborn photos were beautiful and we were super excited to capture her growth over her first year! Eleanor is full of personality and laughter! During her photoshoot, we made sure to have fun music playing to really get her all jazzed up – and it worked!

boho greenhouse photos

Believe it or not, it was FREEZING the morning these photos were taken. Jamie was so nice and had a space heater set-up for us inside so the chill wasn’t quite so bad. Eleanor and her parents were troopers!

greenhouse family photoshoot

This family is one of my maternity + year one clients, which focuses on capturing the many phases of your child’s life, starting during pregnancy up until their first birthday. The progression of pregnancy through year one is a beautiful way to capture the beginning of your journey through parenthood. Time flies by SO FAST when you are a parent, and before you know it your kids aren’t babies anymore (sad face). The maternity + year one experience allows families to let me do all the work for them and not worry about taking enough pictures along the way as their children grow. 

greenhouse photoshoot

Spring babies are so fun to photograph! Nature is putting on its best show with all the dogwood blossoms, daffodils, and a wide variety of other plants in full bloom. Pinetop Greenhouse in Greensboro North Carolina is definitely one of my favorite places to take photos this time of year. Jamie does a fantastic job with the set-up and styling of the space! She changes it up depending on the season and time of year, which offers a fresh new experience every time you visit. 

one year birthday photos

Looking back as a parent to an almost three-year-old now, it’s hard to imagine how the time has passed so quickly. The many milestones your children experience are certainly worth capturing. You’ll look back on these photos fondly with your family and smile because they make you feel something…joy. 

Interested in learning more about the maternity + year one experience? I’d love to chat with you! Contact me today!


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