Mini sessions

Spring mini sessions in Summerfield, NC

Some of you may think of an elaborate set-up with several spring props laying around in an open field or photo studio when you hear “spring mini sessions”. That’s not quite what I had in mind when I planned for these spring mini sessions. This year, we focused on capturing the pure joy between families without all the extra set-up, props, and distractions. These families had a blast during spring mini sessions and they walked away with smiles on their faces!

Spring mini sessions are a great way to get the most bang for your buck. When you incorporate little kids for family photos their attention span can be very, very small. For these sessions, we kept them at 20 minutes each, and that amount of time was ideal. Most of the children in these photos were between 4 and 6 months old. This is a great age to have family photos taken as they are really starting to develop their little personality and they’re changing so quickly!

Some tips I always provide to my clients as they are preparing for spring mini sessions are:

  • Have FUN! I will offer prompts and suggestions for poses that look natural and candid but feel free to let me know if there are any specific poses/shots you want to get. 
  • PLEASE arrive at the scheduled time you signed up for. If you’re late, we will not be able to reschedule. These time slots are booked back-to-back, and everyone must arrive on time. 
  • I highly recommend making sure everyone’s outfits look like they complement one another, but aren’t “matchy-matchy” necessarily. I also HIGHLY recommend not wearing clothing with branded logos – it can be distracting and take away from the photos. 
  • Make sure your clothes are ironed.
  • Lip gloss, lipstick, or lip balm is always great to wear to add a little pop.
  • Remove all Apple Watches, Fit Bits, etc. They’re distracting and don’t add to the photos. Also, remove any cell phones or bulky items from your pockets beforehand. 
  • If you’re bringing pets with you, please make sure they’re on a leash – having treats with you is always a good idea too! (P.S. I love dogs!)

It’s my goal to not only provide you with magazine-worthy photos, but I also want my clients to have genuine fun and a happy time together! Every client I photographed during these spring mini sessions was so gracious and happy with the outcome of these photos.

If you missed out on spring mini sessions and would like to plan for family photos this year, I will be offering holiday mini sessions this fall! Get in touch with me today if you’re interested in booking a session!


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