When do you have maternity photos taken?

This is the second most common question I get from my clients, “When do you have maternity photos taken?”. When you’re pregnant, time seems to go by so slow and ironically fast at the same time! You’re counting the days, weeks, and months, and you’re booking appointments left-and-right, shopping for ALL THE THINGS, and making sure the baby’s nursery is exactly how you want it. Here’s what I suggest to all of my clients who are interested in booking their maternity photos.

No matter what time of year you are due there is always going to be an opportunity to capture stunning maternity photos before the baby arrives. Everyone has a different pregnancy journey, and some are easier than others. Morning sickness is no fun, swollen ankles are a drag…there is a whole list of not-so-fun things that come along with pregnancy. One FUN thing that is sure to be memorable is your maternity photos. Your baby bump is only around for nine months and for some families it may be your only pregnancy.

My suggestion to all my maternity clients is to target having your maternity photos taken around 34 weeks into your pregnancy. Of course, it is 100% up to you and when you want to have your photos taken. Based on my professional photography experience working with maternity clients, that 34-week mark in your pregnancy is the “sweet spot”. This is when you’re showing, you aren’t waddling around *quite* yet, and you are getting closer and closer to your baby’s arrival. 

Some maternity clients ask me, “what if I want to have photos taken sooner?” and I tell them that we can take the photos whenever they’d like and are most comfortable. It’s very common for my maternity clients to have a maternity dress or dresses, they’ve been dying to wear, and wearing your dream maternity dress for these photos is a great choice! You’ll look back on them and remember how much you love the way you looked and how the maternity photos turned out! 

If you’re interested in booking maternity photos, let’s go ahead and schedule them now! The most popular package is my maternity + year one package. In this package, we will capture your maternity photos, newborn photos, six-month photos, and one-year photos. These milestones are ones you’ll want to look back on as a family forever. Time flies, as we all know, and it goes by even faster once you have a baby! Let’s slow that time down and capture some memories along the way!


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