When do you have newborn photos taken?

So you’ve just had a baby – YAY!! You’re navigating family changes, new schedules, and routines, and having a new human under your roof – it’s no small task! One of the first things you’ll want to focus on when you get home from the hospital with your newborn baby is your mental health. That should be the first and foremost priority, aside from making sure your baby is cared for. All the other stuff – laundry, cooking, cleaning, yard work, any household chores can wait or can be delegated to someone else, as you are healing and fostering the bond between you and your newborn baby. Taking care of yourself will help you also take care of your newborn baby. 

Newborn family portraits are some of the most cherished memories for a family. The first professional family portraits are photos you’ll look back on for years and years. You’ll want to incorporate them into your gallery wall of family photos in your home and print them out to add to your family albums or scrapbooks. You will pass these newborn family portraits onto your kids and their families one day as they grow up and create families of their own.

It’s most common for newborn family portraits to be taken within the first two weeks of you bringing your baby home from the hospital. They grow and change SO FAST that it’s really nice to capture those precious newborn moments within the first two weeks of their life at home. Their little movements and facial expressions are what you want to hold onto forever, and planning for newborn family photos is really worth taking the time to do. 

While we all know you can’t 100% predict when the baby is actually going to make their grand entrance into the world, we can tentatively have a plan in place for when the baby arrives. Typically, my maternity and newborn clients will let me know once the baby is born or when they are home from the hospital, and we can schedule newborn family portraits at that time. 

Take a deep breath, you were meant to be the parents of your newborn baby! Remember, no rulebook or roadmap will guide you on this journey of being a parent – you just figure it out as you go along. Don’t worry, you got this!


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