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We don't rely on disposable cameras anymore like we use to. Snapping some photos in the hopes they turn out once you have them developed, only to find out, half of them are only half way decent. 

Let's put your mind at ease, so you can share in the fun, meaningful experiences and moments with the ones you love as you celebrate life.

You don't have to worry about this part.

It's not every day you are planning to hire a professional photographer whom you've never met before.

You have questions, insecurities, and a long list of other to-do's on your mind. 

It's a big investment – I understand

rest assured,
 a weight is about to be lifted off your shoulders.

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Photography can feel intimidating – I’m here to change that. It’s easy to get caught up in the “perfectness” we see appearing on social media.

I’m here to showcase the candid, pure, real moments, without intimidation, or anxiousness some people struggle with while being in front of the camera.

I'm a big fan of having a good time with my clients and making sure they are enjoying their experience with me.

You may be nervous to start with, but you will feel like a model in no time! I'm on your team. I want you to feel your best from the moment we start working together. 

I'm Brooke

elizabeth + jason

"Brooke had such an easy-going and positive attitude—she had ideas at the ready and directed us in a way that allowed us to get natural and authentic photos where both me and my husband were -actually- relaxed."

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I'll walk you through what the inquiry process looks like and how we can work together to capture the moments in your life you never want to forget. 

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Kathy + Jim

"Easily the best experience we've had with a photographer. Brooke was super personable, extremely professional and the end result was exactly what we hoped for."

The essence of your life and those closest to you. Simple, candid snapshots of your life as you want to remember it.

lifestyle photography

Preserving the visual story of your wedding day and all the details surrounding the memorable event.

wedding photography

Pausing moments in time while capturing natural and timeless beauty. 

portrait photography


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