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When Christmas time came, my mom would find the best spot on our property to set up the camera. She would program the self-timer, pose the three of us with our dog, and wait for the light to blink, and then, click. 

Growing up, taking pictures looked different.

I remember picking out my first digital camera. It was when Ritz Camera stores were still in business. I begged my parents for a digital camera. The only photos I was taking were of me and my friends mostly. When I traveled as a teen, taking photos of little details like foliage and flowers caught my interest. 

After having my son four years ago, I started taking even more photos. It was his first Christmas when I was gifted a DSLR camera. From the moment I figured out how to use it properly, I could not stop myself from learning more. Instead of taking photos of my family all the time, I figured out how to turn it into a business.  

The connections I've made with my clients over the years have been beyond valuable. I've learned about their personalities, families, values, highs, and lows. It's not just about taking pictures, it's about making connections with those who are in front of the lens. 

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Chloe + luke

"My husband and I were absolutely thrilled with the finished photos - they brought tears to our eyes."

Through our conversations, I listen to your requests. I honor those requests to make sure you are seen and heard. Your life is worth documenting. The images you receive will make you look back and feel something – joy. 

Say goodbye to your worries about making sure the moments are captured as you remember them. 

we're on the same team

unearthing your inner beauty 

Life is not always a beautifully curated fairytale. We want to showcase what makes you, you. As a couple, as a family, as real-life humans. It's OK to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. I'm here to guide you and build your confidence.

It's not all smoke and mirrors

With my knowledge and experience in project management, styling, and effective communication, you have nothing to worry about. Allow me to take some weight off your shoulders. I will guide you through each and every pose. You can trust the steps we take to deliver a gallery of images you love. 

Just the right combination of direction and guidance

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In working together, the process will flow smoothly. Like a well-oiled machine, we will work in alignment. Whether you're planning a wedding, or welcoming a new member to your growing family, I'm on your side. The process from start to finish is organized and efficient. Making your life easier without worry of, "did she get that photo?"

Organized, efficient, and easy

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