Senior pictures – Class of 2022

Today is the first day of school for many students in North Carolina. The summer has flown by as usual and many students are back to the books instead of chillin’ by the pool. The important question is, have you had your senior pictures taken?


Even though I’ve been out of school for many, many years now, I still find myself flooded with memories of going back-to-school around this time every year. The fun parts of summer I remember had come to an end, I had not come close to finishing my summer reading books, but I knew I was excited to go back-to-school shopping! Meanwhile, I still was not super excited to go back into a classroom, when I’d much rather be laying by the pool with my friends. 


Cassie is entering her senior year at Grimsley High School in Greensboro, NC. Time has flown and it has been a joy to watch Cassie grow and mature into the young lady she is over the 14 years I have known her. 

Senior pictures in Greensboro, North Carolina with Brooke Grogan Photography.

Before Cassie’s senior pictures, she planned out several outfits to wear, and we were able to narrow down her choices to just a few. It is really important to plan beforehand what you want to wear in your senior pictures, that way you’re all ready to go on the day of your photoshoot. It’ll be one less thing to worry about. 


Another thing I suggest to my clients is to have your hair and makeup professionally done for your senior pictures. While some of us may be good at doing our own hair and makeup, it is definitely worth it to invest in having your hair and makeup done on the day of your senior pictures. It rounds out your overall look and makes your natural beauty pop even more!


We also discussed various locations for Cassie’s senior pictures. We knew we wanted to take a few photos at Grimsley High School since that’s where she’ll be graduating from in Spring 2022. We decided it would also be nice to take some more senior pictures out in nature. There is a local park in Greensboro, Price Park, and it has a few fields with tall grasses and luckily there were some yellow wildflowers growing as well. There were even monarch butterflies flying around us while we were taking these photos, but they didn’t stay still long enough for us to get them in the pictures. 

Senior pictures in Greensboro, North Carolina with Brooke Grogan Photography.

As many students are going back to school this year, I hope everyone has a successful school year. Don’t forget to still have fun and not take school too seriously! After all, life is short, so make the most of it! 

Senior pictures in Greensboro, North Carolina with Brooke Grogan Photography.

If you’re a rising senior and would like to plan for your senior pictures, get in touch with me today!


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