Elizabeth and Jason have made it an annual tradition for three consecutive years to plan fall photos together. 

Many, many moons ago, Elizabeth and I went to high school together. We sat beside one another in our AP Environmental Science class during my junior year. 

This was the first year we ventured away from Elizabeth and Jason's home and took photos on the UNC Chapel Hill campus. Elizabeth has both attended and worked at UNC Chapel Hill, so she knew all the picturesque spots for these photos. 

While Elizabeth and Jason take these photos for their own personal enjoyment, not for Christmas cards or anything like that, I'm reminded of how important this whole process is. They just want to have fun together and capture their growth as a couple each year. 

In my mind, I’m gone to Carolina…James Taylor said it best! On a beautiful morning in September we took portraits on the UNC Chapel Hill campus with Elizabeth and Jason. 



"I was anxious about looking uncomfortable or stiff in pictures and shared that with Brooke. She was so understanding and patient. Brooke had such an easy going and positive attitude—she had photo ideas at the ready and directed us in a way that allowed us to get natural and authentic photos where both me and my husband were -actually- relaxed. Brooke was super responsive, arrived ready to go, was a joy to spend time with and made us so comfortable and at ease. I didn’t feel rushed or judged."

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