North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Hiring a North Carolina wedding photographer can feel overwhelming. There are several talented professional wedding photographers, but finding the right one for you can take time.

When doing your research looking for a North Carolina wedding photographer to photograph your special day, here are some helpful questions to consider:

  • What do people say about working with them?

Read their reviews! Check their reviews on Google and see if they have any testimonials on their website or other sites. Ask your friends and family if they have had professional photos taken, who they used, and how they enjoyed working with them. The majority of my clients are referrals and some of the best recommendations will come from your friends and family. If you trust certain people’s recommendations, then that’s a great place to start when looking for a North Carolina wedding photographer. Ask around. 

Greensboro NC Wedding Photographer. Brooke Grogan Photography.

Shoes: Bella Belle Florals: Jerrye Gordon

  • Is this person someone you want to have take your photos for years to come?

No matter where you are in life, there are many milestones that you will want to capture along the way. You may consider using the same professional photographer as your family grows. It is always nice to have a professional photographer in your back pocket who you can call to capture any milestone moments in your life. So, think about the longevity of potentially working with this person for many years. 

Greensboro NC Wedding Photographer. Brooke Grogan Photography.

Dress: Barbara Kavchok Bridal Hair/Markeup: Reign Beauty Florals: Jerrye Gordon Venue: Bluebird Meadows Farm

It’s always a goal of mine to really get to know my clients and remember little details about them. Watching a family grow and mature is a beautiful experience I’m so thankful to be a part of. 

It’s also helpful to think about the overall style and look you are going for on your wedding day. Think about the style of the florals and decor and how your North Carolina wedding photographer would capture those details. Is their style in line with the other elements of your wedding day?

One thing that helps to break the ice is to set-up a call with the photographers you are considering and see how you like their personality and communication style. Those two factors will make or break the relationship you have with your North Carolina wedding photographer. Take the time to have a phone call or video chat with potential North Carolina wedding photographers, ask questions, and get to know them before you sign a contract with them. 

I hope this helps make you feel more prepared and comfortable when looking into hiring a North Carolina wedding photographer. If you have questions or would like to chat about your wedding photography needs, reach out to me by clicking here