Top 2 benefits of doing a “first look” on your wedding day

Tradition has always told us, “it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding”, however, that is absolutely false. You want to know why? Way back when, many, many years ago when arranged marriages were the norm, this was the case. Those who arranged the marriage didn’t want the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding so they wouldn’t have a chance to back out of the arrangement. When my husband and I got married, it wasn’t even a discussion for us to even consider a first look. We were of the mindset that it was part of the tradition not to see each other before the wedding. Looking back now, and knowing what I know after working dozens of weddings, I have my thoughts on why a first look has some serious benefits.

top 2 benefits of a first look

In today’s modern world, the concept of a first look is gaining more and more popularity. Many couples are choosing to have a private moment together before the ceremony, allowing them to share their emotions and connect in a meaningful way without the distraction of guests. This can be a beautiful, intimate experience that adds an extra layer of depth to the wedding day. Having a first look can also alleviate the pressure and nerves that often come with the traditional walk down the aisle. It provides an opportunity for the couple to calm their nerves, express their love for each other, and take in the significance of the day before the whirlwind of the ceremony and reception.

From a practical standpoint, a first look can open up more opportunities for photography. It allows the couple and their photographer to capture genuine, unscripted moments in a private setting, creating a stunning visual narrative of the day.

Ultimately, while tradition certainly holds significance, it’s important for couples to explore and consider the options that resonate with them personally. The decision to have a first look or not is a deeply personal one, and there are valid arguments both for and against it. It’s a wonderful testament to the evolving nature of weddings and the freedom for couples to craft a day that truly reflects their love and values.

#1: You get to have a moment together before the whirlwind of the wedding begins

The essence of sharing an intimate moment before the wedding is truly special for the couple. This private moment allows the couple to connect deeply as they embark on this significant journey together. It provides a space for them to express their authentic emotions, free from the presence of wedding guests, and to support each other, creating a sense of calmness before the ceremony. This shared experience serves as a powerful reminder that the couple is united in facing the future, and it builds anticipation for the moments ahead.

#2: It gives you time for some group photos ahead of time

Once you’ve completed the initial look, it’s time to capture more memorable moments through photography. This is when group photos with your bridal party and family members come into play. You’ll have a list of different groupings of people for the photographer to capture. By scheduling these photos before the ceremony, you’ll free up more time to enjoy the cocktail hour. Frequently, the bride and groom miss out on the opportunity to participate in the cocktail hour because they’re occupied with photo sessions. Our goal is to ensure that you can kick off the celebration immediately after the ceremony as much as possible, without missing out on any special moments.

Choosing whether or not to do a first look is entirely up to the couple. There are lots of little details to think about and consider on your wedding day, and the first look is definitely on that list of things to consider.