What is the burying the bourbon tradition?

Have you heard of the southern wedding tradition of burying the bourbon? It may be new to some of you so let’s dive into the meaning behind this southern wedding tradition and why so many people are “burying the bourbon”.

Why are couples burying a bottle of bourbon before their wedding day?

The tradition says that if you bury a bottle of bourbon at your wedding venue, exactly one month before your wedding, then you will have no rain on your wedding day. When burying the bottle of bourbon (unopened), it doesn’t matter what kind, the bottle must be placed upside down in the hole you’ve dug before you bury it in the ground.

Next, you should dig up the bottle of bourbon (carefully) on your wedding day, after the ceremony, and share it with your wedding party at some point during your wedding day! I’m sure many of you won’t have any trouble convincing your wedding party to gather ‘round and share the bottle with you as you celebrate your nuptials! 

With so many outdoor weddings, especially in the warmer months, most people would advocate for no rain on their wedding day. It seems like a no-brainer to coordinate this tradition with your wedding venue and photographer before your wedding day. There should be various areas where your venue would allow you to dig up some dirt and bury a bottle of bourbon before your wedding day with no trouble at all, but do be sure to ask for permission first! The couple in these photos are getting married in May 2021 at the McAlister-Leftwich House in Downtown Greensboro, North Carolina.

Does it work?

This southern tradition may seem a bit unusual but some traditions are! If you’re superstitious and want to help persuade Mother Nature into being generous by providing beautiful weather on your wedding day, then grab a shovel, a bottle of bourbon, and your partner, and bury that bottle of bourbon before your southern wedding! And while no meteorologist or weather expert can guarantee no rain with partly cloudy skies on any given day, it seems like burying a bottle of bourbon won’t hurt to try anyway!

Whether you’re getting married in Charleston, Richmond, Nashville, or Wilmington, this southern tradition can be practiced anywhere! It doesn’t hurt to get a little dirt on your hands and bury some bourbon together before your big day!

Let’s do it!

If you’re planning to incorporate this southern tradition into your wedding, let’s make sure we plan to capture this memory together! And if you’re newly engaged and haven’t even begun to start wedding planning yet, be sure to add this to your list of fun traditions to incorporate into your southern wedding! 

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