Why it’s important to hire a wedding planner

You’re engaged! Congratulations! The champagne is popped, you called all your friends and family to tell them the amazing news! And suddenly, you think and become overwhelmed with all the things to do when it comes to planning a wedding. Now, I know what you may think, “we have plenty of time, it’ll be fine” or “I’m super organized and I can plan it all myself”…but…you may be leaving some important details on the back burner. Enters a wedding planner! Say hello! They’re about to be your BFF and supporter along your wedding planning journey.

September wedding at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia. Brooke Grogan Photography.

Don’t make the mistake I did. I relied on what was considered to be the “venue coordinator” instead of a designated wedding planner. You may think, “aren’t they the same thing?” – NO. The venue coordinator is often times only available to help on the day of the wedding, not before when all the plans are put into place and big decisions are made. A venue coordinator can be viewed as a point of contact for the venue on the day of the wedding to help with basic questions and tasks. Wedding planners are there to help with planning your wedding day from start to finish. They have access to vendors, contacts, design ideas, and so much more.

SML Virginia wedding. Brooke Grogan Photography.

Picture this

Imagine you didn’t hire a wedding planner. The day of your wedding is here and you’ve arrived at your venue. You and your bridal party make your way to the room where you will get ready. You’re excited to get your hair and makeup done, and the champagne is flowing! A little time passes and you realize, the florist isn’t at the venue yet to start decorating the ceremony and reception space. You have several decor items you need to hand off to the floral team, but no one is there yet. Your bridesmaids are in the hair and makeup chairs and will be there for another 45 minutes or longer. Your mom is on her way to the venue, but she realized she forgot something, so she has to turn around the go back home real quick.

This is just one instance when having a wedding planner would come in handy. A wedding planner would step in and get in touch with the florist to figure out what’s going on. The wedding planner would also be able to handle the decor items you have that need to be put into place.

A wedding planner’s role in ensuring a smooth and stress-free wedding day cannot be overstated. From managing vendors and overseeing the setup of the ceremony and reception spaces to resolving unexpected issues, a wedding planner plays a pivotal role in orchestrating a seamless event.

How they can help

With a wedding planner by your side, you can entrust the coordination of the florist’s arrival and the setup of decor items to a professional, allowing you to fully embrace the joy and excitement of getting ready with your loved ones. In situations where family members encounter last-minute challenges, such as realizing they’ve forgotten something essential, a wedding planner is equipped to step in and handle these unforeseen circumstances, sparing you from unnecessary stress and distractions.

September wedding at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia. Brooke Grogan Photography.

By collaborating with a dedicated wedding planner, you gain access to a wealth of experience, creative ideas, and a network of trusted vendors. Whether it’s refining design concepts, managing timelines, or troubleshooting logistical details, their expertise and guidance can elevate your wedding planning experience, ensuring that every aspect of your special day reflects your vision while navigating potential challenges with grace and efficiency.

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