Picking your wedding colors

Congratulations – you’re engaged! The wheels are in motion no matter where you are in the wedding planning process for your North Carolina wedding. Picking your wedding colors may sound easy, but it’s an important detail to focus on. 

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When picking your wedding colors, there are a few things to consider:

The time of year

Depending on the time of the year, you may want to pick wedding colors that reflect and compliment the season. Think about your North Carolina wedding and the season you’ll be in during the wedding. In the fall, your North Carolina wedding photographer will be beaming as they capture all the fall colors that show off during the autumn. If you’re getting married in the winter months, think about the possibility of snow, and what colors you’d want your North Carolina wedding photographer to capture as you celebrate your winter wedding. 

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The venue

What colors are already part of your North Carolina wedding venue? Are the walls draped with white shears? Or, are you in a rustic barn? Or, on the beach? Take into account the canvas you’re working with once you have selected your North Carolina wedding venue. Invision the wedding florals and wedding decor your North Carolina wedding photographer will photograph in your North Carolina wedding venue. Hiring a North Carolina wedding planner will also be able to help you with these wedding planning decisions. 

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Your wedding vibe

Are you going for a super fun vibe with vibrant colors and florals, or are you going for a more muted color palette that will offer a more calming aesthetic to your wedding day? When your North Carolina wedding photographer is taking your wedding day photos, the overall wedding vibe should be felt through your photos. 

Your personal taste

Do you have a favorite color you’ve always been drawn to that speaks to you and your partner? Are there colors you all absolutely hate and want to avoid? Do you have a favorite flower you know you want to be part of your wedding day decor – what color would that flower be? Think about all the details your North Carolina wedding photographer will capture on your wedding day and make sure those details reflect you and your partner’s personal taste. You want to feel like your wedding is 100% true to you both as a couple, and not something you just recreated from a magazine just because that’s what everyone else is doing. Be true to you and your partner and what you really want your wedding to look and feel like. 

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I hope this helps make you feel more prepared and comfortable as you are in the thick of wedding planning and hiring a North Carolina wedding photographer. If you have questions or would like to chat about your wedding photography needs, reach out to me by clicking here.